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Do you wonder if you are on your spiritual path and living the life your soul planned? You can look at your life to discern your purpose and hear your soul calling you. This new book shows you how.

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Your Soul's Calling - Nancy Canning


Your Soul's Calling - Nancy CanningReviewed By Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

Your Soul’s Calling: Answering the Question “Why Am I Here?” (Your Calling) (Volume 2) by Nancy Canning is an enlightening and uplifting book about how to find what you are meant to be doing in life and why. The author explains that we each choose our mission and the lessons we wish to learn in life before we incarnate into each lifetime. Between lives, as spiritual beings, we commune with our guides and Elders, assessing what further insights and experiences we need in order to grow as beings of Love. It is possible, through hypnosis into past-life regressions and other methods, to recall those before birth decisions, and when we do we are able to find deeper meaning, purpose and a sense of well-being and fulfillment. Our callings differ and we need to be authentic and true to ourselves. Chapters cover how to differentiate between your soul’s voice and the voice of your ego, how to interpret and cope with suffering, understanding life and death in general, understanding and dealing with loneliness and addiction, how to be more in touch (through meditation) with your inner self.

5star-flat-webI found Your Soul’s Calling a positive and encouraging read and it will inspire anyone interested in spiritual journeys and the subject of reincarnation. Nancy Canning uses an approachable and very readable writing style to convey her findings and beliefs to the reader. I found the cross-referencing to other writers useful. Books like this can occasionally come across as rather preachy, but Canning shows her awareness of the opinions, struggles and doubts many may have, and I feel her book has something to offer even the skeptics. Learning how to listen to yourself and live in an authentic way, using your skills for the benefit of others without seeking self-glory is a good aim whatever our personal beliefs. To readers on a quest to understand their spiritual selves and soul’s purpose it reveals many truths that will resonate and make perfect sense. I liked the vignettes and examples of experiences and revelations from the author’s clients and the way she links these in with her different teachings.

Many particularly nurturing words in the book stood out for me: Our souls are calling us to remember our plans; we are here to remember we are one with God; or we are challenged by life to grow through our greatest fears. Potentially a life-changing and encouraging book that will engage and comfort all those looking for answers and purpose to some of life’s biggest questions, and help us live from a place of love rather than fear

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Past to Present

Your Life’s Calling Book

My book is available through, in paperback and Kindle versions.This book is based on 35 years of working with clients, along with my own journey of transformation. You learn:

  • 15 of the most common limiting beliefs,
  • how they were formed,
  • why you hang onto old behaviors when you know better,
  • numerous ways to release the beliefs,
  • what to do to create what you do want in your life, rather than what you don’t want,
  • how to look at your life from your Soul’s perspective, and
  • what you can do in order to gain an understanding of your life lessons.

I’m really proud of this book and know that it will answer many questions, helping you to create the life you want. Here is what early readers are saying:

“This book is insightful and offers guidance that is both clear and decisive.Nancy shares her knowledge and experience in a manner that may change your life in miraculous ways. This is a book you will return to over and over as you find your way through life’s many experiences. Kudos to Nancy for such an inspired and easy-to-read handbook for living.”

“Loved this book!!! Such a refreshing Book!!!! This wonderful Educational book authentically presents guidance and New information to aid in Self Growth. Filled with wonderful pearls of wisdom and humor this book is a must read.”


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