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Discover Your Life Purpose
A 4-week phone class with Nancy Canning

This class was cancelled and will rescheduled at a later date. Stay tuned!


This 4-week phone class will help you clarify your life purpose and understand your life from your soul’s perspective. In each of the four weeks, you will experience an exercise to bring forth your inner wisdom and knowing, often hidden from your conscious mind by doubts and confusion. You’ll leave with practical, yet profound, tools for living your life purpose more fully. This knowledge is within you. You will be guided in bringing it into your awareness. Classes involve lecture, questions and answers, and guided visualization. All classes will be recorded so you can access them if you are unable to attend during the class.
The classes will give you the opportunity to experience:

Week 1: A journey through your subconscious memories of this lifetime of when you have been living your life purpose – even if you weren’t aware of it.

Week 2: “Picture Your Life, “ in which you draw out your inner wisdom and knowing from deep inside yourself.

Week 3: Past life regression journey into a prior life that is having a significant impact on your current life lessons and purpose.

Week 4: Looking at your life – with all its ups and downs – from your soul’s perspective and releasing subconscious blocks to fulfilling your destiny.

This class is based on my 2015 book, Your Soul’s Calling: Answering the Question “Why Am I Here?”

Cost for the 4 classes is $165. You will receive the phone number to call upon receipt of payment.



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