Physical Healing

Physical healing Over the past 40 years there has been a tremendous amount of research that shows that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our mind and body are intimately connected. Our thoughts and emotions have a direct affect on our physical well-being. At a simple level, if you have anxious thoughts, your stomach can feel like it has knots, your shoulders may be tense, and you may have a splitting headache and clenched jaws.

There is usually, if not always, a mental-emotional connection to our physical symptoms. While modern medicine works to remove symptoms, the underlying root causes of the symptoms may remain intact deep within our subconscious mind. As long as the underlying cause is still active, the symptoms can reappear or show up in different forms of physical distress.

As with emotions, the gateway into the underlying cause of physical symptoms is through the subconscious belief systems. For example, as a child you may decide that you mother is only “nice” to you when you’re sick, otherwise she’s “mean.” The subconscious mind forms the belief, “the only way I receive love is to be sick.” This belief may remain intact over the years, with the result that you continually have one physical condition after another. While consciously you strive to be healthy, the subconscious belief that “through illness I will receive love” continues to manifest unwanted physical conditions.

By accessing and resolving these limiting belief systems, you can eliminate or reduce recurring physical symptoms.