Changing Beliefs

How Do You Change Subconscious Beliefs?

Release the unhealthy beliefs!

Release unhealthy beliefsSo now we come to the big question: how do we change these subconscious beliefs that are so firmly implanted in us? We are actually changing our beliefs all the time. It’s a natural, instinctive part of being human. As we grow and mature, we automatically change the inner beliefs and live our lives differently. The vast majority of our subconscious beliefs work in our favor and enable us to lead productive lives.

However, for those beliefs that are still stuck in their childhood state, there are numerous ways to change them. The easiest is the “Aha” experience. This is when you hear or read some new piece of information that strikes a clear note of truth with you. You may even experience it as a tingling or excitement or some other feeling and you suddenly live life differently as a result. You have changed a belief in an instant. Unfortunately, for many of the issues that are impacting our lives negatively, we can’t wait around for the Aha moment.

All of the self-help books are aimed at changing the underlying beliefs, even if they don’t use these words. They have to be because unless the subconscious belief is changed, the behavior and feelings attached to it won’t change.

However, what do you do about those beliefs that you just can’t get to change, even after years of therapy and workshops and books? That’s where my work often comes onto the scene. We need help getting to the subconscious and all the talk and reading may not change the behavior.

In a session, online using Zoom or on the phone, you relax in a reclining position so that your head and neck are supported and you’re warm and comfortable. Even though you’re relaxed, you’re still awake and alert, conscious and clear, able to speak normally. I give you the suggestion to go back to the root cause of ____ whatever your issue is. Remember, a belief system has four components that are intertwined: the original event, emotion, age and thought. So whenever you access any one of those elements, you access all of them. So by going back to the original event, we can then discover all the elements of how the belief was formed, how it was meant to help, and why it’s still hanging on.

Using hypnosis allows us to work in the realm of the subconscious, bypassing the logic, so we can actually talk with and to the belief, as though it’s a little part within you doing it’s job of making you not feel good enough, or feeling stuck, or having pain in your stomach. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, I can talk with the belief and find out everything we need to know about it’s affect and purpose in your life. Then I lead you through a process of bringing it into present time and releasing it. Then you fill in with the essence of that which is in your highest good. We don’t give words to the new belief, for that would only limit you in another way. Rather, there’s an innate intelligence within each of us that knows and embodies our highest good, so that is what replaces the limiting belief.

As the belief and all of its connected emotion and energy are released, you feel a lightness in your body. You can actually feel the belief system letting go. It’s an amazing sensation. And then we go back in time for another belief, and go through the same process until all of the intertwined beliefs are released. With limiting behaviors, there’s not just one belief to release, rather there’s an entire network of interconnecting beliefs supporting one another.

When a belief system is released, you naturally begin living as though that belief were never there. When you release the belief “I’m not good enough”, then you don’t go around all day saying “I am good enough.” Rather, you just live your life without the limiting thought; it’s simply a non-issue and you may not even think about it one way or another. This is what amazes clients: a belief that ruled, absolutely ruled their life, can be gone in an instant and you then go on with your life as though it were never there. Before long you can barely pull up the feelings it used to generate. I have experienced this myself with a core belief I took on at the moment of birth and which would lead me into weeks of depression – and suddenly, POOF! it was gone and has not even been a thought within me for decades!