Past Life Regression

Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Sessions:

S.R., IL

“When I came to you, I knew that I was supposed to be changing my life and my career to include the healing arts. My spiritual regression with you confirmed many things I had been seeing and feeling, and I wanted to say thank you. I now have a thriving energy healing and spiritual practice and I am able to go to the other side quite easily. Spiritual growth, or remembering who I really am, has happened on such an incredibly fast pace that I’m astounded daily. Thank you again for your assistance in this, and thank you for doing what you do. Your work is so important.”

Carolyn, Canada

“Working with Nancy was an absolute pleasure. Her gentle mannerism and directed questions helped me to get the very most out of my spiritual regression experience. Each time I listen to the recording, I get more and am aware of how truly gifted Nancy is in her gift to ask just the right questions at the right time. Thank you, Nancy, for going down this road with me, and helping me remember all that I am and all that I came to do. I look forward to working with you again!”

Jamie, MA

“Nancy is the “Real Deal!” I’ve done two spiritual regressions with her. For me, they were a way to discover my life’s purpose and to get information on what directions are in my highest good. Absolutely invaluable! Nancy is very grounded and is able to work in these other realms while still being an anchor here on earth.”

V.S., Switzerland

“I finally felt an impulse to listen to the regression. It was so powerful!  In the meantime I have released my addictions and all that I was holding on to.  So many wonderful things are coming into my life. I healed more in the last few months then in years.”

Robert, PA

“My name is Robert. I don’t know if you remember me, but last May (2002) we had a session. I had asked why I had so many lay-offs and I discovered that the reason for this was to wrap up all of my experiences prior to going to my next big step. Remember? Anyway I was “advised” to paint and to paint people and that would help expose the population to “philosophy” about human life. (Whatever that means…) Anyway, I had no experience in painting, as I am an Engineering Manager by occupation. So I took that advice and started to paint. Apparently I am quite good at it. I have an amazing talent (so it has been said) and I have been accepted at a gallery. My paintings will be up in the gallery starting the 3rd of February (2003). I have 24 paintings completed so far. It is hard to believe that my skill level in painting is so advanced, when I have spent the last 20 years of my life in the Technical field, and haven’t painted or sketched at all.

This session impacted my life, as it really made an impression. For someone with NO formal art training, and as someone who never tried to paint a person AT ALL prior to our session, it is really amazing how in under 6 months I was able to paint 23 paintings…Get accepted in a gallery…and leave Engineering.

I cannot express to you how much my session has meant to me and how important and instrumental it has been to life direction and how it has answered many questions that I have had. You have played an amazing role in this effort and I wanted to say thank you. So, Thank You!”

Bob, ME

“This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in your past lives, “life between lives”, or simply better understanding this life. For me – initially the skeptical client – Nancy’s clairvoyant abilities made my sessions more believable. It was amazingly helpful, and I can’t imagine having such a session with anyone else for this key reason.”

To read Bob Olson’s details of his two journeys, visit: www.ofSpirit.com/bobolson22.htm and www.ofSpirit.com/bobolson33.htm

Debbie, NY

“I somehow expected the change to be in the information I received. What I have realized is that I am changed not because of what was revealed to me, but because I stood in my own full presence. The experience of such tremendous love, peace and joy was my gift.”

Rita, FL

“My experience connected me to my spiritual roots in a very profound way. I had a sense of what I expected in the spirit world, but this journey gave me a real knowing of what awaits me. To be in the actual experience gave me a real peace.”

Lynn, MA

“My spiritual regression with Nancy allowed me to have a perspective on the meaning of my life (and life in general) that I could never have obtained by any other means. My soul is grateful for the opportunity to experience this.”

Carole, MA

“My goal of personal freedom was helped along after my soul regression with Nancy. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The depth to which it inspired me in realizing who I truly am and my purpose at this time is still unfolding for me. I now have more understanding of the pain and suffering that I have experienced. I left the session with a sense of peace and compassion towards myself and humanity.”

Past Life Regression Sessions:

P.B., MA

“Hi Nancy, I received my past life regression yesterday. Thank you so much for that amazing journey. I feel so light and clear right now and each day I am learning something new. The hypnosis experience was so enlightening to this present life. I am very grateful to you and your healing ways. Thank you again. I will be in touch.  Be well and peace.”

George, MA

“Hey Nancy, I just wanted to properly thank you for my session. It went amazing. I really noticed how amazing it went after I listened to the CD.  Wow!  When I woke up, I was out of if and for most of the day I was in a very peaceful place. So I want to apologize if I didn’t seem amazed.  Thank you so much! You’re going to be in my thoughts and I hope to do the 4-hour session next time I can.  I will send you referrals so I might bump into you again with a friend soon.  I feel so good Nancy! Be well and thank you!”

Transforming Beliefs Sessions:

S.M., VA

“Nancy helped me with my relationship with my Mom. I had a great Mom, and yet I often viewed her as not being very supportive. In fact, many times it would seem as though she would take verbal potshots at me for no apparent reason, and occasionally her words seemed deliberately hurtful. Nancy and I worked on this — to change my beliefs about my Mom. Suddenly, seemingly overnight, my Mom was saying things like “Oh honey, whatever you decide will be the right decision — you always make good decisions.” Once she left me a voicemail telling me how smart she thought I was and that she thought I could sell some of my good ideas. This transformation was such a blessing as my Mom died about a year after this work. I am left knowing she loved and approved of me. I cannot tell you what a blessing this is. I continue to be amazed at how my world changes, and all the people in it too, when I change. This is a phenomenon I’m still in awe of. ”

Carol, MA

“I’m astonished at how much better life is for me now. My sessions with you have removed bad habits, improved my relationships with family and co-workers, and greatly improved my self-esteem. I feel like I am more ready to handle difficult situations than before and am definitely happier with my life.”

S.P., MA

“It’s late afternoon since you met with me and I must say, I am still saying “WOW”. I wanted to send you this word of Thanks for sharing your gift with me. I have struggled with this problem for my entire 27 years of marriage and I can’t thank you enough for unraveling my mystery. It seems so minor but is so huge. Thank you again and I will be in touch soon.”


“I just have to say “thank you” for the work you did with me the other day.  I really do feel different.  More at peace.  Funny, how I have always been aware of those beliefs of mine…the fear and restriction I felt at speaking the truth…but when you “spoke” to the beliefs and talked to them… about what they had done for me and what they were doing for me now.  About asking them if they would be able to leave now.  So powerful. Within 24 hours after our session, I feel like I had some clarity about something else I have been doing to myself in my relationships.  How I set myself up to be a victim and how I continue to do the work of “proving” I’m a victim. ”

Michelle, MA

“Thank you so much! I love your work! You have helped me in so many ways over the years.”


“I wanted to thank you so much for our last session.  I am really amazed at how effective this kind of therapy is and you have made an amazing impact on my life.  I’ve never felt more confident and happy in my life since our last session.  My anxieties have lessened tremendously and I’ve learned to trust and let things go much easier.  I can’t even remember so much the terrible state I used to be in and why.  Almost like it just all got erased and each time my mind tries to access those feelings again, it can’t get it anymore.  I can’t thank you enough for all the help; my life was literally almost a living hell (mentally) before I met you.  All the guilt is gone –it’s just amazing.  Thank you again and I look forward to my next session with you.”

Pat, MA

“Dear Nancy, my surgery was 2 weeks ago today and thanks to you and the work we did together, I will always remember it as one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Each of the medical staff was so open hearted and lovely. I am much more comfortable than I’ve been in a decade.  The other blessing has been the thoughtfulness of dear friends who sent healthy foods, flowers and even a delivery of fresh strawberries and spring water to my door, from a friend who is traveling at the moment but who planned that surprise before she left. There is no way I will ever again be able to convince myself that I am unloved. In gratitude for who you are.”

B.L., NY

“The first session we had changed me. Everyday is a new adventure as if I’m a little kid discovering the world again. Under hypnosis I saw my father pointing at me and telling me that ‘you must do as I say and follow in a particular religious path or you’re going to hell.’ Not having this fear is so life changing. After I released that belief a range of new life missions have been flowing into my life. In our next appointment I will share with you all my experiences that have happened. But in the meantime I thought I owed you this email to say that I really appreciate you and thanks.”

E.B., MA

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your support and guidance in the
times that I needed you most. I was sharing with a friend the type of work that you do and
how effective it has been for me in my attempts to ‘reconstruct’ my own belief systems and I realized that it has been a long time since I came down to the Cape to work with you, and perhaps that, in itself, is diagnostic. I find that since doing the work with you, I am able to guide myself to the “root cause” of so many of my beliefs that lead me down dead ends in my life, and that I am now able to do this on my own or by dialoging with others. I remembered, too, that I only called you to get help when I was struggling and today I am proud to share that I’m doing quite well!”

R.M., MA

“Nancy is a person of high integrity who cares deeply about the well being of her clients. She combines superb technical skill with kindness, compassion and the ability to stay grounded, present and clear with her clients. Nancy is truly gifted.”

Pat, CA

“Dear Nancy, Four days after our session, I feel the growth of seeds planted, in particular noticing the release of physical pain, making clearer choices and a lifting of the fog and embracing the willingness to release resistance. Thanks for your kindness and immediacy in helping me move toward authenticity and self-approval.  I am grateful for your support.”

D.C., CA

“One of the big issues for me that has been transformed by this work is my fear of abandonment. When situations arise where in the past I would experience a sense of loss and abandonment, I now just do not experience that fear. I feel whole and complete.”

J.M., NH

“Words seem to express so much less than I feel. I can never thank you or tell yo how much I appreciate you and all your patience with me. You are so skillful, your knowledge and the way you became a part of my experience was so wonderful, it meant everything to me.”

M.R., MA

“I just wanted to let you know that I feel soooo much more relaxed at work, the panics I used to feel are gone. Of course, I am as careful as before, but I don’t have that terror of harming somebody anymore. You are one of the persons that has helped me the most in my life. It is so amazing the good you do to people with your work.”

K.N., NY

“I wanted to thank you for the work you did with me. It truly changed my life. I often tell people how it was like the beliefs we worked on have been surgically removed….I am quite certain I could never have gotten to this point in my life if it were not for the work I did with you.”

Carol, MA

“I’m astonished at how much better life is for me now. My sessions with you have removed bad habits, improved my relationships with family and co-workers, and greatly improved my self-esteem. I feel like I am more ready to handle difficult situations than before and am definitely happier with my life.”


“Hi Nancy, I just want to thank you again for working with me the other night. I think you have changed my life. I feel no struggle. Life seems clearer. The sky is brighter!! I am praying for the better good for all. Thank you!!  My best.”


“Hi Nancy, I have given your information to about three of my clients that are stuck in various ways and whom I thought you could help.  I am hoping they will call you and that it will be a good experience for them and you. I have listened to the CD of my session about three times.  Each time I hear something new and I am reminded of different experiences…times when those messages kept me “stuck” and times when I was stuck, but found a way through.  It has been an interesting trip.  I do hope that I can do more work with you.”