My Past Life Experiences

Past LivesAs described above in Past Life Evidence and Research, not all past life recall is accomplished using hypnosis. As with the research of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Carol Bowman involving thousands of children and the personal case of Dr. Wambach and Jenny Cockell, a person can spontaneously move into a past life. My personal story is this type. In 1982 I did not believe in reincarnation. I could take it or leave it as a theory. Then one evening when I was talking with two friends, I spontaneously slipped into a past life in Japan. We weren’t talking about Japan or past lives, so I don’t know what triggered this memory. I could see it as clearly as though I was watching a movie, and I knew with every fiber of my being that the young girl with long, straight black hair and blue blouse was me. I was about 10 years old, in a ditch with my younger brother, hiding from Samurai soldiers marching nearby. As I watched this scene unfold in front of me, I became very frightened and dramatic, and began yelling out loud because I was so afraid and confused. It shook me to my core and set me on my path of reading and opening up to a much bigger picture of my own immortality. I had always thought of the Japanese culture as being brutal or barbaric. After that experience, I began buying Japanese artwork because of its gentle beauty and suddenly became quite adept at using chop sticks.

I was living in Southern California at that time and as a result of the past life experience, I enrolled in a clairvoyant training program to learn more about the metaphysical world.  I began reading auras and past lives, learned about energy, gave healings, and eventually began teaching energetic healing and meditation.  Over the course of the next eight years, I psychically read hundreds, perhaps over a thousand, past lives.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we live on as immortal spirits and that our other life experiences are available to us.

One experience that remains vivid in my mind is during a psycic fair while I was in my first year of training.  The fair was in a house with several rooms in which there were probably 20 aura readings going on at any one time.  As readers, a person would sit in front of us and we would read their aura or a past life, and then that person would move on to someone else for another reading, if desired.  There was one woman who had three past life readings, one right after the other, from three different readers in different rooms.  As one of the readers, I knew there was no discussion between or during her readings.   Afterwards, the woman was amazed because all three of us told her about the same past life, with similar aspects and yet different pieces of information.  Not only was she excited because it was so validating for her, as a student psychic reader, I was even more excited to know what I was saying was validated by others.

Past Life Terror

Throughout my life I had said, “Nobody cuts on me,” meaning that I will never have surgery. I’d also said, “I’m leaving this life with all my body parts intact.” I am very healthy, take vitamins, eat lots of greens, and do a lot of mind, body, and spiritual work to stay that way. When my left groin muscle began tightening up in August 2006, I did some stretching and yoga and figured it would loosen up and all would be well. Over the course of the next 2-1/2 years, I began experiencing increasing pain in my left groin, down the leg, and then in my sciatica. I was doing acupuncture, cranial sacral, yoga, chiropractic, therapy, and probably a few more healing modalities. Some helped temporarily, but I was on a downhill slope. I saw a medical doctor who determined it wasn’t vascular and said it was probably a nerve being affected. I was having trouble walking because of the pain, and yet I could walk the pain out after about ten minute and so I kept going.

I saw a new doctor in November 2007 who said she would order x-rays if surgery was an option for me. I said it wasn’t an option at all, despite the pain, and signed up for a yoga class. By early February 2008 I could barely walk, I was able to do less and less, and the pain shooting down my leg was often at a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. I bought a cane to help me walk and was taking over the counter pain killers on a constant basis. I couldn’t make it through the night without pain waking me up. I could only go into stores that had baskets/carriages that I could lean on for support.

At that point, my doctor ordered x-rays and I agreed. The results came back as “severe bone on bone arthritis with sclerosis and remodeling of the femur.” I didn’t know what most of that meant but I did learn that I only had one real option: hip replacement surgery. The Universe had brought me face to face with one of my biggest fears and there was no way around it. I had avoided it as long as I could.  Now I had to go through it.

That was on a Friday and by Monday morning I made an appointment with a local orthopedic surgeon who was highly recommended by several people I talked to. Three weeks later I had my initial appointment with the surgeon and surgery was scheduled for May 15, six weeks later. The reality set in that I was going to get cut on in a major way, and the terror that ran through me was incredible. What I felt was beyond fear, it was terror and panic.

“I can not do this!” There are no other words to describe what I was experiencing. Intellectually, I knew I would be fine. I had an incredible surgeon, tops in his field, an excellent hospital that offers therapeutic healing, I was in good shape with no other real health problem, and I was about 20 years younger than many hip replacement patients.

None of that intellectual side mattered. I couldn’t do the surgery. I couldn’t think about it without crying and hearing the voice inside of me screaming, “No! I cannot do this!”

That’s where the past life work comes in. I had known about two of my past lives in which I was cut open and died traumatically but had never released the energy of those death traumas. Those lives (deaths) were the cause and the fuel behind my terror of being cut open. There was a depth of sadness, grief, despair, helplessness and fury, all of which rolled around inside of me in some nebulous form and yet which created this real fear and terror. When I thought about those lives, I curled up and cried.

When there’s this much energy involved, we usually need help in releasing it. By having a therapist friend guide me back and through the main life, the energy was released. I was then able to release the energy of the second life as well. I believe that enabled me to do the following work.

During this same time frame, Oprah was having her first online web-seminar (webinar) with Eckhart Tolle on his book, A New Earth. I was following along and understood about the painbody. However, I learned it on a deep knowing level as I was driving to the chiropractor several weeks prior to surgery. All of a sudden, my little girl voice inside began yelling, “I can’t do this” and fear began in my feet, rolling up through me, and it all felt very real. Just as I was about to really lose it, I turned inside to that voice/feeling and said, “Oh! You’re the painbody!!” And it dissolved instantly! I was filled with a deep peace and calm, and that terror and voice never returned.

At the same time, I was also getting other energy healings so that I was ready on all levels for the surgery. The morning of the surgery I was as calm and relaxed as I could be, received a pre-surgery healing that was amazing, and never experienced even one moment of fear or trepidation, although I was waiting for it. Two days later I was up and walking around, three days after that I was off the walker and just using a cane, and within a month even the cane was hardly needed. As I write this, it’s seven weeks post-surgery and I couldn’t be happier or more pleased to have my life back again.

June 2020 – as I edit this, it’s now been 12 years since the first surgery and 11 years since the other hip surgery the following year. Absolutely no issues with either of them. By clearing all the energy, nothing was blocked or caused any problems.

You may wonder if the release of all the terror had anything to do with the past lives, was it the Eckhart Tolle work, or something else? There’s no “definitive right” answer or way of knowing. I do know this. It all works together. We don’t always know if it’s A or B or C that we’re doing that gives us the results. I say, just keep doing them all, because it’s the results that matter, not the ego knowing which was the “right” or “best” modality. For me, I know the past life work was essential to my ability to be calm, centered and have an extraordinary healing experience.