The Life-Between-Lives

Life Between Lifes Nancy Canning Hypnotherapist

This is an unusual and profound regression journey into the Afterlife. Who are you as a Soul? What’s your Essence like? What are your Soul Qualities? How do your Elders think you’re doing this lifetime? And, of course, what is your purpose this lifetime and what more do you need to do to accomplish your Soul’s plans for this life?

These are just some of the questions to which you experience the answers as a result of being in a very deep super-conscious state of awareness so that you are able to clearly communicate with your Elders, your Guide, your Soul Family, and so much more.

The Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression is based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, as described in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. That being said, your session will not be the same as what he writes about. In over 20 years of offering these sessions, only about 5 clients have “followed” the same path as he writes about. As I have grown in my own abilities over the years, I am now able to lead you into a deeper experience of Knowing and Being. Your journey will be unique to you and not follow a “script,” even if you have read the books. (I used to teach hypnotherapists how to do this work, and after 3 days of teaching “this is what happens next,” they would have their own unique session and it would not be what they had been taught.)

With the use of deep trance and special hypnosis techniques, you are led back in time to your last life. You move through the life visiting a couple of significant memories, and then move to the day of your death. It can be very healing to be on the last day and feel “done” with the life. With ease and no discomfort, you release the body and return home into the Spirit world. You experience the deep healings that occur as you enter the hereafter, helping you to release the physical aspects of the life you just finished and adjust to once again being a Spirit.

Typically, you meet with your Spirit Guide to review the life that just ended, understand the lessons you had gone in to learn, and how you handled the challenges. It can be so affirming to know you did well and, at the same time, have full awareness of what is “next” for you on your Soul’s journey back to Oneness and Enlightenment. I can tell you from personal experience and that of well over 1500 clients, it’s wonderful to be back home in the presence of your Guide, who loves and knows you to the core of your Being.

Clients are most interested in meeting with their Council of Elders. This meeting can be the pivotal reason for taking this journey. You want to absolutely know why you are here this lifetime, your purpose, your lessons, reasons behind different challenges you have, how you’re doing, what’s next for you, and so much more. What clients don’t expect is the profound love and acceptance they feel throughout the journey. There is no judgment, only Love and acknowledgement of how you are doing in your life, the challenges you face, and the deeper reasons for your own personal Soul’s journey through this current life.

These are extraordinary encounters, as you experience how it feels to be fully and absolutely loved, supported and known as your True Self. You meet with your Soul Family, who has been with you throughout countless incarnations, although is not necessarily who you would expect, nor is it typically your current human family. You also have the opportunity to objectively experience how and why you chose some of your current life’s circumstances. Although you are in deep trance, you are awake, alert, and conscious of all that you experience.

I also suggest that you bring a list of questions that you would like to ask your Council of Elders. This is a tremendous opportunity to ask for and receive insights and guidance from the Spiritual Beings who have known and loved you throughout time and lives.

GREAT NEWS!  When I first began offering this work over 20 years ago, I only did this amazing session in person because of the length and nature of it. As technology has improved, and online has become the norm, I now offer all my sessions over Zoom. As you close your eyes and go into trance, you have the same experience as being physically with me.  There is no difference in quality or experience doing it online. In fact, it can be far less stressful because there is not the added time and expense involved in travel. All you need is a good internet connection, a good headset with a microphone so I can hear you clearly, and a place where you can lay down and not be disturbed for the 4 hours.

Benefits of the Journey

Life Lessons Nancy Canning

Clients report profound changes in their lives as a result of their journey into the hereafter. Like so many others who have taken this journey, you will lose your fear of death when you experience the peace and serenity of your “homecoming”. By experiencing the love and wisdom of your Spirit Guide, you know you are not alone here. You feel the unconditional love, support and clarity of your Council of Elders and discern what your ongoing life lessons are. You meet your Soul Family members, who know and love you as no one else.You are able to ask questions and receive answers from these wise and supportive Spiritual Beings. You physically feel the deep love and support they have for you.

During the journey, you get a bigger picture of who you are and why you are here. You experience yourself as a spirit, free of fears and limitations, able to be objective about your life on earth. You learn about your path as a spirit, your talents and abilities, and where you are in your development.

The journey is an opportunity to step out of your earthly world, and move into the spirit world. It is a deeply moving and profoundly life-enhancing experience which stays with you for a long time.