LBL Session

Life Between Lifes Nancy Canning HypnotherapistThe Spiritual Regression is based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, as described in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. With the use of deep trance and special hypnosis techniques, you are led back in time to your last life. You observe your death, and then proceed into the Spirit world. You experience the healings that occur in the hereafter, helping you to adjust to being a Spirit. You meet with your Spirit Guide and your Council of Elders.

These are extraordinary encounters, as you experience how it feels to be fully and absolutely loved, supported and known as your true self. You meet with your Soul Family, who has been with you throughout countless incarnations. You also have the opportunity to objectively experience how and why you chose some of your current life’s circumstances. Although you are in deep trance, you are awake, alert, and conscious of all that you experience.

I also suggest that you bring a list of questions that you would like to ask your Council of Elders. This is a tremendous opportunity to ask for and receive insights and guidance from the Spiritual Beings who have known and loved you throughout time and lives.

GREAT NEWS!  In the past I’ve only done this amazing session in person because of the length and nature of it, but the travel to Venice, FL has limited people who want – and feel called – to have this session with me.  I now can offer this over skype with you having the same experience as being physically with me.  All you need is a wired connection – use an ethernet cord – for the session so that we don’t depend on wireless for the 4 hours.

Experience Your Soul’s Journey in the Spirit World