Life Lessons Nancy CanningBenefits of the Journey

Clients report profound changes in their lives as a result of their journey into the hereafter. Many lose their fear of death when they experience the peace and serenity of their “homecoming”. By experiencing the love and wisdom of their Spirit Guide, they know they are not alone here. They feel the unconditional love, support and clarity of their Council of Elders and discern what their ongoing life lessons are. They meet their Soul Family, who knows and loves them as no one else.You are able to ask questions and receive answers from these wise and supportive Spiritual Beings. You physically feel the deep love and support they have for you.

During the journey, you get a bigger picture of who you are and why you are here. You experience yourself as a spirit, free of fears and limitations, able to be objective about your life on earth. You learn about your path as a spirit, your talents and abilities, and where you are in your development.

The journey is an opportunity to step out of your earthly world, and move into the spirit world. It is a deeply moving and profoundly life-enhancing experience which stays with you for a long time.

Experience Your Soul’s Journey in the Spirit World