Miracle Healings

I’ve Witnessed – and Experienced – Miracle Healings This Past Year

In 2018, I attended 3 week-long workshops with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Two were in Cancun, Mexico and one in Toronto, Canada. The experiences changed me at depth. I saw healing miracles that brought “concept” into “experience.” And I experienced healing for myself. It was a momentous year for me, and for so many others.

In April 2018 I had a blood clot that traveled from my leg to my lungs and I ended up in the hospital, and then onto blood thinner medication. After hearing my family history, and my own history of blood clots, four doctors all told me I had Factor V (five), a genetic blood clotting disorder. Plus, my doctor emphatically told me on numerous occasions that I would be on Xarelto (blood thinner medication) for the rest of my life. I insisted “no” and he insisted “yes.” So I agreed to be on it for 6 months, until the clots were dissolved, and then we’d discuss it again. That’s when I went to work!

I began using the Dr. Joe meditations daily, not just every now and then. In June, I went to Cancun for his workshop and we actively meditated and healed all week long. Most days were from 6am to 8pm. I received a group healing and participated in giving two other healings. In my mind movie, which is a visioning program, I saw my blood as healed and whole. I was also working on healing my thyroid so that my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) numbers would be at 2.53, down from 4.15.

Two months later, I was in Toronto and again participated full-out, determined to heal my body. I saw others healing, which I describe below, and talked to my body.  I told it, “Come on, body, others are healing from cancer, tumors, parkinson’s…you can heal a little ole genetic blood disorder!” The formula was simple (not easy): meditate, live as my future self, be in love with my future healthy self, meditate, see it, feel it, be it… I received another group healing, plus participated in two healings for others. Plus, for the challenge activity, I moved through fear, went “over the edge” of the Westin hotel and repelled down 30 stories. It was all part of the healing process to “go beyond yourself!”

I then had my blood tested and voila! The results showed I had no Factor V, no problems at all with clotting. I was healed! And…I got off the blood thinner, just as I had intended. My TSH number went down to 3.56, and in January 2019, it was 2.45.  This turnaround was without any medication, just meditation, healing, and diet changes. In fall 2023, TSH is still normal with no medication.

As for others’ remarkable healing, in Cancun during a one hour walking meditation on the beach, a woman was healed from 35 years of nearly constant tremors. She stood before us – rock solid grounded – and never had a tremor. She said she had been “reborn – she has a new body.” All that in the blink of an eye, walking with purpose, passion, and a clear intention to be well.

A young man, about in his early 30s, attended a previous workshop in February and had years of depression lifted in the blink of an eye. Months later, he was still experiencing his new life without depression. In Cancun, I saw a woman on the beach using her crutches as wings, flapping them in the air, as she walked through the sand with a huge smile on her face. Throughout the rest of the week, she was always smiling and walking without aid. A woman with Parkinson’s had very little energy on Monday, along with other symptoms, yet on Thursday she was hoping around the stage, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, describing how all her symptoms were gone.

Dr. Joe talked about how, in a previous workshop, a woman who had been legally blind since birth with only 5% vision received a healing – and her eyesight was restored and she could see for the first time. Three deaf people restored their hearing. Cancer and tumors have disappeared – and stayed gone. The testimonials went on and on.

Each workshop was truly a miracle-filled week and helped me to know on a deep level that miracles and spontaneous healings can – and do – occur. Of course, not all symptoms were cleared for everyone. That’s not how it works. But it is available to everyone. That’s the good – and the bad – news, isn’t it? If you have symptoms, then it can be encouraging to know it’s possible, and discouraging if you wonder “why aren’t I healed?”  Each person is on their own healing path, and the journey is how our spiritual evolution is unfolding.

You can go onto YouTube to search for testimonials or Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, or to his web site www.drjoedispenza.com. He’s not the only one teaching this information…but I find him to be the best I have met. Here’s to being and doing the supernatural!