FAQ about Hypnosis

Hypnosis Nancy CanningWhat is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation that helps you bypass the conscious mind to access your subconscious mind. Belief systems healing occurs as you access and release the subconscious beliefs or energized memories that are still stuck in their early, childlike state. You may even know the subconscious beliefs but have been unable to release them through regular talk therapy. If they are strongly held beliefs, they need to be released from the subconscious level, not the conscious.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
Therapeutic hypnosis is not what Hollywood or hypnosis stage shows make it out to be. Rather, you are wide-awake, alert, conscious, clear, and talking throughout the entire session. You are never out of control, rather you are often more clear than usual, and at all times you know what you’re saying and thinking. You are simply in a relaxed state, laying back or reclining, you’re your eyes closed.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?
Deep trance is not required for the belief systems work, and in fact, I have worked with clients while taking a walk and changes have occurred. For the past lives, a light to medium trance is sufficient to access the memories. Everyone goes in and out of hypnotic trance daily, as when you’re driving and don’t know how you got to an exit, or when you lose yourself reading a good book or on the computer. You also go through these same levels of relaxation as you fall asleep and wake up, so it’s a very normal and daily occurrence.

In the past life work, if you attempt to go into the past life and are blocked, unable to see anything, then I can help you. I have a unique background in which I have helped thousands of people through this type of block, which typically originates in early childhood as a normal, natural defense to a painful or upsetting situation. As a child, you are too young to process the pain, and are unable to “fix” the upsetting situation, so your mind simply blanks it out and you go on your way. It’s healthy for the young child, but in some people the “blanking out” becomes recorded and then stuck. As you attempt to go into past life memories, your brain replays the programming from childhood, and voila – you can’t see anything. I simply lead you through a process to release the child’s thinking and then we continue on into the past life.

Can I get stuck in trance?
I’ve had clients tell me hypnosis is dangerous because they could get stuck in memories. I have to laugh because that’s not at all true. That’s like saying you could get stuck in a nap, which isn’t going to happen. You could be very engrossed in a book you’re reading or movie you’re watching, and step into that world temporarily, but you never get stuck there and have that become your reality. It’s the same with past life work or even going back to childhood memories. You pass through the memories and then return to present time – often with a sense of lightness and release from the healing qualities of the work you’ve experienced.

How do I know I’m not making it all up?
This is a top question from many clients who come for past life work. Your logical mind doesn’t have access to your past lives, so when you’re bringing the memories through from your Higher Self, your logical mind thinks you’re just making it all up. In the vast majority of cases, you’re not. And, in another sense, we make it all up. It’s our perceptions in this life, and from other lives, that create our reality, but our perceptions are unique to us. So in a higher meaning, yes we make it all up. And no, it is not our imagination but rather information, memories, and emotions that we are remembering and re-experiencing from a previous life. At the end of each session, I go through six distinct differences between imagination and past life recall.

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