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Glimpse Into The Afterlife – Life Between Lives Journey Recorded

Afterlife Journey, Life Between Lives Answers

This week’s special episode is a follow up to our previous episode where Melissa shared her Life Between Lives (LBL) regression with hyponotherapist Nancy Canning. If you have not yet watched/listened to the previous episode, you might want to before watching/listening to this one (to gain the most). Find it in the show notes below.

Watch the interview Here

Check out for a lively and informative hour long interview I did with Bob Olson, founder of,, and I’ve known Bob for 10+ years and am grateful for all the work he does to get the word out about past lives and the afterlife. I get many emails from people who have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this interview.

Grief and Rebirth Episode 26: Nancy Canning – Past Lives Expert, Hypnotherapist, Author, Life Purpose Guide

Check out my talk: Awakening to your Spiritual Magnificence, at the Center for Spiritual Living on Davis, California.

Click Here to listen to the most recent interview with Bob Olson in February 2016 on Your Life Purpose and Soul’s Calling. I talk about my book partway through the audio.

Watch my latest interviews on New Realities with Alan Steinfield
Your Soul’s Purpose

Past Lives can place Limit on this life

Here’s an interview I did in March 2014 with Pamela Marie Edmonds, host of Bridge Between Two Worlds on

Pamela Marie Edmonds Interview.

I was interviewed in April 2015 by Kevin Moore of TheMooreShow on past lives: TheMooreShow

Here’s a 30 minute YouTube video of my presentation at Watkins Books in London, England, April 27, 2015, on my book, Your Life’s Calling: getting unstuck and fulfilling your life purpose.

Lectures I’ve Presented

Below are links to two talks I presented at the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge, MA on September 24-25, 2011. Both talks are 50 minutes in length.

If you are questioning what you are meant to do this lifetime, Discover Your Life Purpose is a perennially favorite workshop I have presented several times at the Natural Living Expo in MA.


This talk will give you a unique perspective and in it you’ll learn:

  • The number one obstacle in your way,
  • Five essential spiritual attributes to living your path,
  • How to find your answers, and more.

“Not Good Enough” and Other Limiting Beliefs
Limiting belief systems are the subconscious thought/emotions that run (and ruin) your life and which you believe are true. Learn how the beliefs were formed, why they aren’t true, and then experience going back to the root cause and releasing one of them.(This talk contains a 10 minute closed-eye guided visualization, so please do not listen to it until you are in an appropriate place where you can safely close your eyes and follow along.)

How Your Past Lives Are Impacting You Now
This is a teleclass I gave in May 2009 on how your past lives are impacting you. The talk is 58 minutes long.

For two articles by a “confirmed skeptic” on his journeys into the Spirit world, visit:

Over the years, I’ve presented Sunday sermons at Unity churches. Here are two of my more recent talks:

Endings and Beginnings: December 28, 2014 


“This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in your past lives, “life between lives”, or simply better understanding this life. For me – initially the skeptical client – Nancy’s clairvoyant abilities made my sessions more believable. It was amazingly helpful, and I can’t imagine having such a session with anyone else for this key reason.” To read Bob Olson’s details of his two journeys, visit:

I Cried, Shivered and Shook

Into The Spirit World

I Have A Plan: How “my” plans and “God’s plans” don’t always match up: Sept. 2012