Event Description

Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you ever wondered who you’ve been in previous lives?
Are you inexplicably drawn to a certain era or place in history?
Do you know people who you feel you’ve known before?
Have you ever felt instantly at home in a place you’re visiting for the first time?

Even if you’ve never done hypnosis before, or wonder if you can be hypnotized, come to this fun
experiential hypnosis workshop in which you journey back into a previous life:

  • Who were you? Where and when did you live?
  • How did you spend your time?
  • What were the important decisions you made, or didn’t make?
  • Are any of the people from that life with you again?
  • What were your lessons and the life purpose?
  • How are those lives impacting you now?
  • Experience deep relaxation techniques to help you release stress.

Learn about recent scientific research being done on past lives that provide evidence for
thousands of authentic past life recalls.

Find out the myths concerning hypnosis – what it is and what it’s not!