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Nancy Canning Hypnotherapist

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I guide you back to the root cause of your subconscious beliefs, patterns, and thoughts that are limiting you from the quality of life you desire. It’s truly amazing work.

I also take you into past lives having a significant impact on your current life. This journey helps you better understand your current life, gain insights into why you have some of your viewpoints or concerns, as well as gain clarity on your purpose and the lessons you’re striving to learn.

Beyond past lives, I also guide you into the Afterlife, the Spirit world. While in a deep super-conscious state of hypnosis, you are able to meet with your Elders, your Guides, Teachers, Soul Family, understand your life purpose, why you chose this life and the lessons, your Soul qualities and characteristics, and so much more.

If you’d like to know more about how I came to do this work, read on…

I first learned about belief systems in 1980 and became fascinated with the “hows and whys” of their impact on our lives. In the beginning, it was difficult to get to the root cause of the beliefs, and then it seemed to take a long time to be able to change the beliefs. So I went back to school and received my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1981 and advanced to PhD candidacy in 1983. What I found, however, was that the information I was learning in school wasn’t helping people to change the way I wanted.

Deep within me, I knew there had to be a way to quickly and easily change the belief systems from childhood. And thus began a 32+ year journey in search of the “faster, gentler” method. My journey included many years of personal therapy, workshops, healings, and continually going deeper and deeper within for the answers to my questions. My firm belief that there is a way to quickly get to the root cause and then change the beliefs came to fruition with my current work as a hypnotherapist. Using hypnosis enables clients to immediately go to the root cause and then, often within minutes, to release the subconscious programming that has held them captive in unwanted behaviors and emotions.

At the same time that I was studying belief systems, I also entered into a spiritual journey and search. From 1982 through 1990, I was very active in a metaphysical/psychic institute and church in California where I became a minister and teacher, spending much of my “free” time (I also had a corporate job for income) doing energy healings, reading auras, doing past life readings, giving spiritual direction and counseling, as well as leading Sunday church services. It provided me the foundation for much of the work I do today. I have been working with the connection between, and the healing of, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives for over 30 years.

In November 1998, I read Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton, and by the time I was halfway through it, I knew two things for sure: (1) I had to have a session, and (2) I was born to do this work! I knew instinctively that all I needed was to experience the journey and then I could lead others on it. It was as though the prior 20 years had been preparing me for this work.

I contacted Dr. Newton and was placed on his waiting list. Two years later, my turn came! In 2000, I had my own spiritual regression. I returned home and began working with friends, guiding them on this extraordinary journey. A few months later, I returned to California and attended a 3-hour mini-training with Dr. Newton and validated that I was following all the steps! Six months later I assisted at the first professional LBL training and I became certified as a Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist.

In 2002 he invited me to become a founding board member of the Society for Spiritual Regression (now The Newton Institute). I held the positions of treasurer and training registration coordinator for over three years. During that time, I helped create an intensive training program for other hypnotherapists and co-taught these trainings nationally and internationally. While I am no longer affiliated with the organization, I have continued to offer these sessions, which seem to become more phenomenal as the years go on.

As of 2020, I have led over 1,500 people into their life-between-lives journey, and have led well over 7,000 clients into past lives (I stopped counting long ago). I am grateful for this unique work which enables me to guide and facilitate your journey as you experience the “bigger picture” of who you are as a spiritual being in this life, and beyond. In each session, I feel truly honored to be a part of and a witness to a soul’s journey home.

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Regression Sessions

Making Sense of Our Life From Different Perspectives
Past Life Regression Nancy Canning

Are you one of the multitudes of people asking yourself,  “What is my life purpose?  Just what is my life all about? Does it really make any sense at all? Is there an order to my life? What do I need to do to feel fulfilled? What is my soul calling me to be and do? Why do I keep doing the same things over and over when that’s not what I want.”

Over the past 40 years in this field of endeavor, my work has convinced me that our life experiences, especially our childhood, are a set-up for what we have come here to learn and experience. As an immortal soul, we agreed to what we have come to learn, i.e. our life purpose and lessons. Our purpose and lessons are part of us, a driving force within our soul.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I have four main areas of regression work to help answer these deeper personal questions:

  • (1) Past Life Regression,
  • (2) Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression,
  • (3) Transforming Belief Systems, and
  • (4) Life Purpose:

Past Life Regression

There’s a joke among past life therapists:
This is the life you’ve been dying to live.

From a spiritual perspective, all of your former lives enable you to be who you are today. One of the benefits of a regression that takes you through another life, and the death, is that you’re able to put the former life into a broader perspective after it’s over.  20/20 hindsight is so much easier than finding wisdom or making changes when you’re caught up in the emotions and drama of daily life. There’s a relief and lightness that occurs when one leaves the body, and then a realization of “what could/should have been.”

It may have been a life with deep losses and our response was to isolate and pull back from others in order to not feel more pain from losing love. At the end of the life we realize we were trying to learn how to move past pain and have the courage to love yet again. And thus we come back to learn again about love, loss and the courage to move on.Through each of our lives, we continue to evolve ourselves, and thus learning these lessons continues from lifetime to lifetime, shifting and evolving as we grow spiritually. We don’t learn all the sides of a lesson in one lifetime.

Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL)

Now you can take an extraordinary journey into the Spirit world. Through the use of special deep hypnosis techniques, you actually re-live your experiences between lives. It is a remarkable journey which can produce profound and long lasting positive results in your life. Most people question what their life purpose really is. This journey is an opportunity to access your subconscious and soul-state and know on a deeper level what your life purpose is.

In a spiritual regression, you re-experience what it’s like to enter into the spirit world, leave your earth energy and “human side” behind and become all that you are as an immortal soul. From this super-consciousness state, you are able to communicate with your guide, as well as the wise and very loving Beings who know you, literally to the depth of your soul, and have guided you through all your incarnations.

Thus, you are able to look at this current life, as well as past lives, from a much higher perspective – as an immortal soul, You can experience who you are beyond your personality and ego, and understand what your purpose is this lifetime, why your challenges are what they are, and how your family helps create and/or support you in the lessons and obstacles that you’ve come to learn and grow through

This regression is what pulls the other pieces of the puzzle together and creates the orderly picture that we can understand. It helps to put the bigger story of who we are into perspective and answers the questions: who am I, why am I here, and what has all this been about?  As a soul, you already know this information and your seeking of it follows the wisdom: That which you are seeking is seeking you.

Belief Systems

Belief systems are the thoughts we form early in life that help us understand and make sense of life. These thoughts are stored in our subconscious mind. Think of them as strongly held opinions that determine how we perceive life. In the same way that a computer is programmed and will only perform according to it?s programming, so too we will only perform according to our programming underneath. It is often very different from the logical and conscious thoughts of our self.

A subconscious belief system is formed when an event happens from which we determine “this is how I am” or “this is how life is.” Let’s say you’re 6 years old, sitting in your first grade class and the teacher asks a question. You raise your hand, proud that you know, and you’re wrong! What happens? The other kids laugh and you literally die inside. In that moment, you’re likely to have some intense thoughts: “I’m so stupid,” or “I’ll do anything to never be embarrassed again,” or “I need to always be right.”

In that moment, a belief system is formed out of four components that become linked together: your age, the event, the emotion and the thought. Those linked elements are then written into the subconscious mind as though it were the law. It then begins to define how you feel about yourself (stupid), how you need to be (always right), and what to avoid (anything that could embarrass you.)

All of our actions, thoughts, feelings, and even our physical health, are determined by our subconscious beliefs. If you have a belief that you’re not good enough (very common!), then no matter what the reality is, you’ll feel not good enough. That thought is like a magnet, drawing situations into your life that “prove” you’re not good enough. The “truth” doesn’t matter. You’re always concluding: I’m not good enough. A clear signpost of a belief system is: this is just how I am, how life is, how it’s always been and how it’s supposed to be. You can’t imagine it otherwise.

Life Purpose

This is a session that I began offering in 2015 with rather profound results. As a soul, you come into this life with full knowledge of your plan and purpose for this lifetime. That knowing is within you and is expressed through you, even if you’re not aware of it. Since this knowledge is within you, we can access it with hypnosis.

In the session, you go back to the first time in this life that you were expressing your life purpose, even if you weren’t conscious that’s what you were doing. We then move from memory to memory throughout your life, describing times you were living your purpose. It’s like a life review at this stage of your life.

We then do any sort of work that is need to help release blocks, understand the themes, and most importantly, examine the importance of the events on your current experiences and going forward through the end of your life.

Clients have been deeply moved by their experiences. Most are surprised at the memories that emerge, and at the ones they expected that do not come up for review. You get the opportunity to focus on your life from the perspective of “I’ve been living my purpose all along.” It’s quite validating and affirming.

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I facilitate the life-between-lives spiritual regression that is recounted in Michael Newton’s books.