Nancy Canning

Nancy Canning

Author, Speaker, Hypnotherapist

Past Life

In a past life session, you go back to a past life that is having a significant impact on your current life. This session is often therapeutic as well as fascinating. Read more.


The Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression takes you into the Afterlife where you experience your true Soul Self and what you do between lives. Read more.

Transform Beliefs 

We all have subconscious programming from childhood and some of it limits us as adults. In this session you go back to the root cause of several limiting beliefs and release them. Read more.

Video Blog

I have made numerous short (less than 10 minutes) videos on a myriad of subjects: Past Lives, Soul’s Journey, What Holds You Back? What Would You Love? Creating from Vision and more Watch videos.

Regression Sessions

Making Sense of Our Life From Different Perspectives

Over the past 40 years, my work has convinced me that our life experiences, especially your childhood, are a set-up for what we have come here to learn and experience. As an immortal soul, we agreed to what we have come to learn, i.e. our life purpose and lessons. Our purpose and lessons are part of us, a driving force within our soul.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I have four main areas of regression work to help answer your deeper personal questions about this life and your Soul’s journey:

Curious About the Afterlife?

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to have a life-between-lives spiritual regression? Now you can “listen in” on an actual session recorded with Melissa. It’s fascinating and uplifting!

Plus, there’s a second interview where she talks about her experience with her husband, Bob Olson, on

Click HERE to listen to both of these fascinating and behind-the-scenes interviews..