Do you question what your life purpose is?


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Curious About the Afterlife?

Nancy Canning Hypnotherapist

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to have a life-between-lives spiritual regression, now you can “listen in” on an actual session recorded with Melissa. It’s fascinating and uplifting!

Plus, there’s a second interview where she talks about her experience with her husband, Bob Olson, on Afterlifetv.com.

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I’ve Witnessed Miracle Healings This Past Week

I have just returned (June 26) from Cancun, Mexico where I attended a week long workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza. The experience changed me at depth. I saw healing miracles that have brought “concept” into “experience.” During a one hour walking meditation on the beach, a woman was healed from 35 years of nearly constant tremors. She stood before us – rock solid grounded – and never had a tremor. She said she had been “reborn – she has a new body.” All that in the blink of an eye, walking with purpose, passion, and a clear intention to be well.

A young man, about in his early 30s, attended a previous workshop in February and had years of depression lifted in the blink of an eye. Months later, he was still experiencing his new life without depression. I saw a woman on the beach using her crutches as wings, flapping them in the air, as she walked through the sand with a huge smile on her face. Throughout the rest of the week, she was always smiling and walking without aid. A woman with Parkinson’s had very little energy on Monday, along with other symptoms, yet on Thursday she was hoping around the stage, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, describing how all her symptoms were gone.

In a previous workshop, a woman who had been legally blind since birth with only 5% vision received a healing – and her eyesight was restored and she could see for the first time. Three deaf people restored their hearing. Cancer and tumors have disappeared – and stayed gone. The testimonials went on and on.

It was truly a miracle-filled week and helped me to know on a deep level that miracles and spontaneous healings can – and do – occur. Of course, not all symptoms were cleared for everyone. That’s not how it works. But it is available to everyone. That’s the good – and the bad – news, isn’t it? If you have symptoms, then it can be encouraging to know it’s possible, and discouraging if you wonder “why aren’t I healed?”  Each person is on their own healing path, and the journey is how our spiritual evolution is unfolding.

On our first full day of workshop, I hit the proverbial wall. I couldn’t quiet my monkey mind for even a second. It was non-stop chattering throughout the entire day, about 6 hours of meditation. I was in constant battle, doing everything I knew to quiet my mind and get into the quantum space, the void, the quiet. Couldn’t do it. Then to add to that, my team had a physical challenge that afternoon in order to put the theory of “staying present and balanced” into practice. We had a rock wall to climb, ropes to walk across, things to climb, etc. I failed miserably and that, on top of the frustration with my mind, send me downhill into “I’m such a failure.” I knew it wasn’t true, yet the old emotions and inner garbage took hold and took me down. I knew, even in the midst of it, that everything unlike who I am becoming had to come up for release. But it felt awful nonetheless. I was praying for help.

I went back into the workshop and Dr. Joe was just talking about a man who has no concept of success or failure. He simply tries again. He knows he needs more experience or more knowledge. Nothing is a failure for him. Hearing those words was all I needed to turn my thinking around. “No failure, no success.” Just keep going and know it’s all experience and adventure.

My Purpose and Passion

•Do you question what your life purpose is?
•Do you wonder if you are following your soul’s plan?
•Do you feel stuck in limiting patterns of behavior, and can’t get beyond them?

I can help you! This is the work I have been doing since 1980. I have helped many thousands of people release their limiting subconscious beliefs so they are able to live a better quality of life. Or I can lead you into your a past life that is having a significant impact on your current life, and – even more profound – lead you into the after-life so that you can experience your I Am soul essence and truly understand your soul’s purpose and plan for this life.

I’ve written the two books below and poured my years of training, clients experiences, and my own journey into them. I wrote them to help you ease your journey and get into the flow of being and doing “who you have come here to be this lifetime.”

My Books

Your Life’s Calling

This book is based on 35 years of working with clients, along with my own journey of transformation. You learn:

  • 15 of the most common limiting beliefs,
  • How they were formed,
  • Why you hang onto old behaviors when you know better,
  • Numerous ways to release the beliefs,
  • What to do to create what you do want in your life, rather than what you don’t want,
  • How to look at your life from your Soul’s perspective, and
  • What you can do in order to gain an understanding of your life lessons. Read more

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Your Soul’s Calling

Your Soul’s Calling guides you to:

  • Learn how your soul communicates with you
  • Look deeply at your life and discern your purpose
  • Discover how intuition and guidance show up in your life
  • Differentiate between the voice of your soul and the voice of your ego
  • Remember what you decided to learn in this life – before you were born
  • Realize how your past lives are influencing your current life and its lessons
  • Ensure that at the end of your life, you will tell yourself: “life well lived, great job!”

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