Facilitating and Inspiring you to transform to your True Self in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Welcome to my web site.  I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist who's mission is to inspire and facilitate transformation to one's true Self in mind, body and spirit.  I use hypnosis to take you back to the root cause of your subconscious beliefs, patterns, and thoughts that are limiting you from the quality of life you desire.  It's truly amazing work.

I also take you into past lives having a significant impact on your current life.  This work helps you better understand your current life, your purpose and lessons you're striving to learn.

And beyond past lives, I also guide you into the Afterlife, the Spirit world. While in a deep super-conscious state you are able to meet with your Elders, your Guides, Teachers, Soul Family, understand your life purpose, why you chose this life and the lessons, your Soul qualities and characteristics, and so much more.

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Great Online Interviews on Past Lives and the Afterlife

Check out for a lively and informative hour long interview I did with Bob Olson, founder of,, and I've known Bob for 10+ years and am grateful for all the work he does to get the word out about past lives and the afterlife.

Here's an interview I did in March 2014 with Pamela Marie Edmonds, host of Bridge Between Two Worlds on  Click here.

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Thanks very much.

Nancy Canning