Nancy Canning

Hello there! I am a certified hypno-therapist, teacher and trained clairvoyant who specializes in releasing limiting belief systems, past life regression and life-between-lives spiritual regression. Since 1980 I have helped thousands of people transform the quality of their lives.

 Your Life’s Calling class

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My new book “Your Soul’s Calling” Coming in October!


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Life Purpose Regression New 

Life Purpose Regression

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Two New Talks:  

Watch my 30 minute talk that I presented at Watkins Books in London on April 27 on my book, Your Life’s Calling.  Watkins Books presentation

Also, I was interviewed by Kevin Moore for TheMooreShow on past lives.  It was a most enjoyable hour talk that you can listen to here: TheMooreShow on past lives 

Your Life’s Calling Book

Past to PresentMy book is available through, in paperback and Kindle versions.This book is based on 35 years of working with clients, along with my own journey of transformation. You learn:

  • 15 of the most common limiting beliefs,
  • how they were formed,
  • why you hang onto old behaviors when you know better,
  • numerous ways to release the beliefs,
  • what to do to create what you do want in your life, rather than what you don’t want,
  • how to look at your life from your Soul’s perspective, and
  • what you can do in order to gain an understanding of your life lessons.


I’m really proud of this book and know that it will answer many questions, helping you to create the life you want. Here is what early readers are saying:

“This book is insightful and offers guidance that is both clear and decisive.Nancy shares her knowledge and experience in a manner that may change your life in miraculous ways. This is a book you will return to over and over as you find your way through life’s many experiences. Kudos to Nancy for such an inspired and easy-to-read handbook for living.”

“Loved this book!!! Such a refreshing Book!!!! This wonderful Educational book authentically presents guidance and New information to aid in Self Growth. Filled with wonderful pearls of wisdom and humor this book is a must read.”

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